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There’s also huge patient appetite for integrative medicine, and if academic centers expanding into the space allows patients to switch from their quack NDs to an evidence based medicine center, I’m all for it.

So no, I don't think I "would be" integrated medicine if those limitations were changed, I prefer some evidence to back my treatments and to not rip my patients off with testing that changes absolutely nothing about their treatment plan or outcomes.

If you tell them about yoga specifically as a medical recommendation, or even better "Do the Yoga with Bird 10-minute routine every morning to help with your back and neck pain" then you are practicing integrative medicine. If you approach exercise as a medical treatment, and discuss or write it with the specificity of any medical prescription, that is integrative medicine.

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If the answer was simple, you wouldn't be in the doctor's office in the first place. My job as a doctor is to find the most likely specific issue that you can't solve that is blocking you from achieving health, and help you through it. The next time I see you, if you haven't been able to make progress, I keep digging. If we have made progress, then I try to find the next most significant blocking issue.

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I've only been practicing for about six months on my own. In that time, I have a very large number of people who have been able to come down 20 or more pounds, restarted exercise, eating better, starting to come off of medications, reduce insulin with A1Cs normalizing, and so on.

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Well, you know whether you are cheating. But if you log your food and yep it's 1500kcal, I'm going to assume you aren't lying. Which means there is a reason you are holding calories instead of burning them.

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Calories in, calories out. If the calories-in is low, but weight remains difficult to lose, then I start at the mouth and track the calorie through the body as I interview. Starting, of course, with the basics like looking at med list for adipogenic meds and that sort of thing.

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